Whether you're looking for fat loss, strength training, muscle building, or general conditioning, IQ Fitness is the place for you. Our personal and group trainings are customized to meet your needs, and IQ Fitness Boot Camps offer a quick, fun, and effective way to get your body into condition while burning fat.

"The Best Personal Trainers in America"

With the help of doctors and physical therapists Men's Journal Magazine has made a list of America's top 100 trainers. IQ Fitness was the only facility in America that had two trainers on that list.

IQ Fitness and Wellness incorporates a comprehensive and holistic approach to weight loss, fitness, longevity and relief from chronic pain. IQ's degreed fitness professionals specialize in Assessment Based Functional Integrated Training ™. Functional exercises are great because your body must use stabilizers to go through the range of motion which will not only tone up more muscle but burn more calories giving a great fat burning effect. Fat loss workouts don't have to be boring mind numbing cardio sessions. IQ's workouts are interesting--challenging your mind as well as challenging your body.

3500 calories = 1 pound of fat. Have you ever burned 1200 calories in one hour? Come give us a try. Your first session is free.

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IQ Fitness Boot Camps

Are you ready to push yourself? Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, build strength, or get in better condition, we have a boot camp for you. Indoor and outdoor camps available!

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Paul Rodgers of IQ Fitness on CNN's Health Minute

Lalona Richards, Mrs GA 2010

Sara Blakely, owner of Spanx, has been training with Paul Rodgers of IQ Fitness since 2004, and trained nearly every day for three months in 2005 to prepare for a television series with Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. To Atlanta Magazine she said, "working out at IQ Fitness is one of my favorite things to do in Atlanta...what Spanx didn't take care of, IQ Fitness did."


The Healthy Guide to Eating Out

Yesterday I received a call from a celebrity client. ?I have a dinner meeting at a hibachi steak house.  Have you seen how much oil they squirt on the grill? Should I ask them to saute my meal in butter?" This statement made me very proud. I had warned her in the past against the low quality cooking oils that are used in restaurants. I usually tell my clie...read more
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